About Miho

I was introduced to face painting 10 years ago, when my charity group (Junior League of Los Angeles) put on an event for an orphanage. We could not find a professional in time, so I thought, Let me give it a try! The event was a huge success, for the charity and for boosting me into my new passion, face painting. I don’t know if the children or I had more fun!
Since then, things have been moving very rapidly, and I have been painting faces for adults and children at birthday parties, theme parties, restaurants and at fairs and festivals. I’ve added airbrush tattoos, body painting, glitter tattoos, and balloon twisting to my services. I especially love belly art, also known as baby bump painting, because of the love I can feel from the women and how much the art means to them.
A Little About Me
I was born in Tokyo, Japan, and was raised in Japan, Australia, and Mexico (se habla español). I went to a fine arts high school and continued to study traditional Japanese painting at Kyoto University, so I’ve been painting in one form or another my entire life! I’ve been in Los Angeles now for 15 years, and I absolutely love it here.
I am really excited and happy to continue sharing my love of art with everyone. I look forward to hearing from you soon!
– Miho Hiramatsu

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